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One of the many "boutique" features of working with Boutique Chef Services is that we are willing to work with our clients to meet their budget needs by customizing each experience, however, we also know that it can oftentimes be much easier to choose what you want from a well-tailored list of options.  

Please feel free to contact us directly with any specific questions and requests regarding your next culinary experience.

THERE IS NO LOVE MORE SINCERE than the love of food.

One-on-one cooking lessons are available individually or packaged in sets of 5.  Pricing does not include the cost of groceries.  You pick what you'd like to make, and you provide a flat reimbursement on the cost of the groceries. Cooking lessons are a great gift option, whether a person is experienced in the kitchen or new to cooking!

  • Individual cooking lessons (2 hour)     $150 

  • Package of 5 lessons (2 hours each)     $650

The Couples Cooking Lessons are also available. 


Have Chef Andres bring his professional tools and culinary knowledge to your place for a food party!  Bring that ingredient about which you have always wanted to learn more and Chef Andres will not only tell you, but also demonstrate possible ways to prepare it.  Food parties are a 2-3 hour experience depending on the items that you bring, and the cost includes everything except those items.  This is an especially economical way to learn more about the foods you want to eat which also indulging in the experience of having a personal chef prepare food in your home.

Food Party (for up to 10 guests)     $249

THERE IS NO LOVE MORE SINCERE than the love of food.

Small classes are also available individually or in series sets.  Pricing DOES include the cost of groceries.  This makes these cooking lessons a great gift option as well.


Small classes can be centered around any theme you wish, and some suggested classes are:

  • Hands-On Cooking Experience for 2           $349

    (add $100 for each additional participant)

  • Knife Skills 101 for 2                      $299

   (add $50 for each additional participant)

THERE IS NO LOVE MORE SINCERE than the love of food.
Couples cooking

Each and every gathering is unique, and our menus are customized accordingly.


Dinner parties start at $90 per guest, and dinner for two starts at $275 per couple for a three course meal.


Boutique Chef Services does not provide beverage service, but will be glad to refer you to a partnering service. The cost of food is not included in the prices offered.

  • 3 course meal for 2    $275 (each additional guest add $90)

  • 4 course meal for 2    $295 (each additional guest add $100)

Elegant Drop-Off Dinner   $55/guest (20 guest minimum)

THERE IS NO LOVE MORE SINCERE than the love of food.


THERE IS NO LOVE MORE SINCERE than the love of food.


Learn some new ways to create some of your favorite meals with a measurably healthier ingredient list and very little extra prepartion!

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